Using Science and Technology to Design and Develop Shoes for Enhanced Performance

Lately, it seems like everywhere you look, technology has infiltrated the daily routines and functions of the human race. There are so many opportunities for using technology to upgrade and better your habits and responsibilities. It seems like the new goal for most people is to have their life so structured that they are able to gain data and keep track of their performance in multiple ways. It is no surprise that the health and fitness industry has tapped into this trend by using science and technology to create better more accurate protects for you to use. One industry in particular has been using science and technology to enhance the performance of their product for a long time now. Shoes and sneakers have always been made to cater to a variety of different needs and as of recently, they are including features to increase their value and develop ideal designs based on specific needs. Here are some of the many ways the shoe industry has harnessed science and technology to design and develop shoes for enhanced performance

Fitness Tracking

One of the more popular ways the health and wellness industry has taken advantage of growing technology is by incorporating fitness trackers into many of their products, including shoes and sneakers. Some of the higher end models include digital chips that can monitor everything from your pace, speed, and instep, to common challenges, body imbalances, and pain points. If you are interested in learning more about how this type of technology works, check out some of the shoes that are recommended by some of the fitness communities most respected athletes.

Specialty Support Features

When I was younger I thought much less about how supportive my shoes were. My body was more resilient and my joints and back didn’t really care of my shoes were made for walking or not. I would occasionally get sore from extended activity but it was not until I lived in New York City that I realized how important the support and sole of your shoes can be for the rest of your body. One of my favorite brands for stylish boots and shoes with great support technology, is Stuart Weitzman. Though their products can be rather pricey, it is pretty common that you can find deals and discounts when they release coupons.

Reinforced Materials

The textile industry has been using technology to develop different types of materials for decades now and that has only increased as we learn more ways to design and produce textiles through the use of things like 3D printing. Some of the fabrics that we now use to make shoes, have been designed for specific purposes, like to be water proof, flame retardant, heat reflective, or breathable.

Multipurpose Functions

Just like the insertion of fitness trackers into some sneakers, there are many other ways that certain brands have turned the shoes into multipurpose resources by adding small features that allow you to do something as simple as opening your beer, or as complex as shooting a video.